March 10, 2011


The other day I was puttering around on one of my new favorite blogs Tinajo At Home and I came across this image. As intended, it perked up my morning but it also gave me a little inspiration. I've been kind of bored by our living room lately.
In the winter I love that it's darker and cozier than the rest of the house, lots of browns and oranges and mustards, perfect for cold weather. But I'm in a spring kind of mood so it was just feeling heavy and blah to me. Earlier this year I swapped out our old brown slipcover for a white one and that does help, especially now that I've put the arm slipcovers back on. Will took them off around Christmas to reveal the brown underneath for a funkier look, which, again was fine for winter but is too dark these days. But it wasn't enough. Part of me would like to take out all the orange elements for the spring and replace them with lighter ones but 1) I can't really spend the money to on a new set slip cover for the chair and a more neutral set of nesting tables (which we use all the time and can't live without) and 2) I actually love the orange, it just needed a little spring zing. So finding that robin's egg blue mixed with our deep 1970's orange looking so fun and bright made me smile. And go hunting around the house for some blue to add to the room.

It's amazing what you can find if you look. A pashmina, a little statue I brought home from Italy as the summer after high school,the dried hydrangeas from our weeding (yes, 10 year old hydrangeas!) some jars that I painted last year for our outside table. I wrapped a pillow in some blue knit fabric I had (you might recognize it from this skirt) to see the effect. I like it, although I think I might look for some nice, crisp orange fabric as well. I love the pillows in the image and would love to find something similar, maybe big dots.
It's not a huge change, the rug is looking way heavy to me now, I wish we had something without a pattern so that color changes were easier, maybe in time. For now it will have to do. But the overall effect, though subtle, made me smile.

Do you change things out with the weather or just keep things all year? How do you springify?

In other news, the police showed up at our house this morning to tell us that someone had been calling 911 from our land line. Except we haven't had a phone plugged in since the Obama election. Living in a swing state was just too much for me, I couldn't take the robo calls, and then when we didn't miss it, we never plugged it back in. (and to answer your question, we can't get rid of it because insanely it would cost us MORE to have just internet than it does to have the disconnected phone and our connected internet. Don't get me started about the stupidity of that!) I called the phone company and they have no idea.'s a mystery.

And also, Evie drew this picture and it keeps cracking me up. That's me saying "Oh no!" and Briton after a fall from the tree, or so she says.