November 12, 2012

bonjour canada

Handy thing, living just a few hours from the border. You can, say, wake up and decide to go to Canada for the day and still be home by bedtime. Which is what we did, hitting Montreal just about the time everyone was ready for a second breakfast, which gave me a chance to use my terrible high school French to order coffee, hot chocolate and donuts (I only got tripped up over the fact that the donut holes came in 10's instead of 12's- because, duh, metric - so I survived) and then wandered around town for the day.

Will wanted to see the bio dome, which we thought was one thing but turned out to be something else. But that was OK because it meant we inadvertently went to the Olympic Village and the crazy dome thing on the island (ahem, I mean the Musee de l'Environment). Evie wanted a to go to a toy store in France (she was a little confused). Briton wanted to go somewhere where he could order a ham and cheese sandwich with pickles and lettuce, because that's what he's learned so far in French apparently. Everyone went home happy.