November 30, 2012

morning sparkle

We had about five inches of snow last night. Which, if we were still in Virginia, would have cancelled school and probably been labeled by the news as some kind of end of the world storm, but here, the radio weather guy called it "some light accumulation." So, ya, business as usual. And also beautiful.

I am thiiiissss close to finishing another Christmas gift. They are so soft and squishy that I'm tempted to keep them, but I wont. Besides, I have lots and lots (and lots!) more gifts to get on the needles, so the sooner I finish these and get onto the next (and stop petting them) the better it will be for everyone. A weekend of snow and fires and sledding and knitting sounds pretty good to me. 

I've been making fried apples in the mornings for my breakfast (ok, second breakfast. First breakfast is coffee as I'm throwing snow pants on children and shoving snacks and homework into backpack) When I was growing up, my dad used to fry apples to pile on our oatmeal or eat with eggs and bacon (sounds strange, but it's good, I promise). I'm sure that it wasn't just a cold winter morning thing, we probably ate them all year long, but for some reason, waking up to below freezing temps outside makes me crave them.

So we are snow suited up, full of crispy apples and ready for a some sledding and yarn and maybe some more apples. Because why not.

Happy weekend.