November 13, 2012

socks for we two

Cozy, chunky socks. A pair for him and a pair for me. Finally done! Mine are, you may remember a save from the first pair I made for him. The yarn, although warm and delicious looking, is not at all stretchy, which is a problem when your feet are huge. Even all that ribbing and cabling did not give enough for his long foot to make the turn at the heel. So they were unravelled until they were the right length for me. The toe is a bit abrupt, but they aren't for wearing under shoes anyway. They are house socks through and through. And much needed now that it's getting colder.
Will's pair were found in the lost knitting bin with one sock 2/3 of the way finished, a second ball of yarn stuck through the needles and no pattern to be found. I'm sure I had a photo copy of it at some point, but it's long gone. I finished the first sock using my pair as a guide and then used that sock as a guide for the second sock. The yarn is Cascade 220 and is squishy a stretchy and warm. So now he has house socks as well. Although he declares they are good under shoes as well. And can he have another pair please? I'm thinking these look like fun. But first, oh I have some bunny slippers that need to be knit for a little girl who can not find her slippers anywhere. Too cold for bare toes!
It's knitting weather out there, indeed. I seem to trail yarn these days, always a project clicking along. That also means I usually have kitties trailing after me who love to chase the yarn and bat at the needles, and then I have a girl trailing after the kitties. Which is not a bad thing at all.  *See, as soon as I hit publish I looked up to find Miss Finn attacking the bunny slipper yarn! It's just too much for them to resist!
My favorite project, a guilty little treat, is the beginnings of a BeeKeepers Quilt, which may end up being a Bee Keepers Bench Cover for the pew, or maybe it will be a quilt. All knit up from odds and ends of sock yarn. So I suppose it depends on how many odds and ends I can find around here. We'll see. I'm not in a hurry and it's the perfect project to keep in my bag at all times. A few stitches here, a row or two there, another hexi-puff done and tossed in the basket.