November 5, 2012


All weekend it has threatened to snow. Flakes floating around but not landing, temperatures hovering above and then below and then above freezing. But this morning we woke up to a light dusting. Not enough, unfortunately if you talk to Briton, for a snowman, but a first snow nonetheless. And exciting.
This weekend we put snow markers up along the driveway of our own making. We'll probably end up with the standard orange and reflective variety as well. We saw something similar as an art installation in Burlington and loved them. Just chunks of wood cut into houses and mounted on re-bar, but fun. We still have a few more to finish so that the plow knows where to go (plow!).
So the snow tires are on the car, the markers are in, the snow boots are at the ready in the mudroom and the wood stove is cranking all day and night. Winter, winter. Here we go.