November 26, 2012

Five days is, I think, the perfect length for a vacation from school. Just enough longer than a three day weekend to be able to feel really lazy some days while still having time to get a few crucial (or maybe not crucial, but fun) things done on others. Plenty of stay up late nights and sleep in mornings, but not so many that routines get royally messed up. And just about the time that it becomes obvious that it's time to get back to the grind (for us, that was at 7:13 last night, complete with melt downs and a small sibling argument over...something...I'm not sure what) it's time to go back to school.

We had a really lovely, wonderful, restful Thanksgiving break. And it was exactly what we all needed. Friends over to play and playing at friends houses. A date (oh my!) for the grownups, dominos and knitting and Risk and chess and cross stitching. And snow.

The snow held off till Thanksigiving was officially over and Christmas (at least at our house) had started. It fluttered down prettily while we hunted for our tree and then built up enough over the rest of the weekend to enable some light driveway/dog-aided sledding. Perfect.

And you? How was your Thanksgiving Break? Ready for Christmas? (I'm not! So many things to knit, so little time left!)