January 3, 2013

foxy the fox scarf

My favorite Christmas knitting, this one. I realized yesterday that in the run up to Christmas I made two sweaters, two pairs of cabled, wee-teeny needle fingerless gloves, one fox scarf and six and a half pairs of slippers. The half is the one slipper I knit for Will before remembering that someone else was getting him slippers. Although I'll finish the other I think. When it's -19 degrees in the morning (burr) you start realizing that there can never be too many slippers. The bummer of it, however, is that I took almost no pictures of my knitting. The gloves and the slippers have all gone off to their new homes with out a single shot of them. Ah well. The sweaters I'll show you later but the fox, she deserves her own post.

Not long after I finished her bunny slippers, Evie announced that she wanted a fox for Christmas. Which was really knitting kismet because the slippers had led me to this fox scarf pattern, and I was looking for someone to knit it for.
Because she wanted an actual fox, and because I thought having a fox that was a play thing as well as a scarf was a good idea for the cold winter weather, I modified the pattern a little to make it more stuffed animal-like, seaming the body and tail, stuffing the tail a little and adding a second pair of legs (which are not seamed but roll nicely to form leg-like legs). The body is unstuffed so that it wraps nicely as a scarf. The head and tail tuck under one another perfectly to keep Foxy in place.

She is a hit. And goes wherever Evie goes these days. Out into the snow, up into bed, off to school. With whiskers to match if she can finagle it. Will thinks he needs his own, except in grey so he can have a silver fox. I might have to do it too.