January 14, 2013


I have a terrible case of the Mondays today. Made worse, I imagine, by an oncoming cold. The kind that makes your eyes feel swollen and gooey. Yuck. I'm tempted to crawl back into bed with a book and a big pile of knitting, but alas, there is too much work to do.

The boys were kept busy most of the weekend by a basketball tournament so Evie and I tucked in and played at home while they were gone, staying inside away from the thaw, listening to the tharumps as huge sheets of snow slide off the roof. There was knitting and spinning and reading and music and games. I started watching the series Good Neighbors from the beginning again, which always leads to wild ideas on my part (the self sufficiency books are back on my nightstand). And Eliza, who has been relegated to the closet for the last few months, reemerged and hasn't left her side since. It's nice to see Eliza again. I think some doll clothes may be on the list of to-do's this week. Maybe my little sewer can embroider some of it. Or hey, make some herself!

So there was not much going on, in a lovely, blissful way. Although I did hatch a plan for re-doing the stairs, at least until we can replace the treads with nicer ones. Stay tuned for that.

What was your weekend like? Anything exciting?