January 4, 2013

sweaters one and two

 There is a third, as well. One for me that I finished last night. But it's drying at the moment, so no photos. Now that it's done Will is hinting that he might like another as well so I may end up making yet another sweater this winter (oh darn, more knitting!) But here are numbers one and two. The boy's and the girl's.
Evelyn had a lot of say in her sweater. She chose a pattern - which was unavailable so I had to wing it - and also chose the fiber for me to spin. Last year's sweater is still sitting in a "to work on" basket since she won't wear it as it is. Cardigans that button at the top, while adorable in my opinion, are not her thing. I'm thinking of adding a zipper to see if that works. But this sweater, with all her input, has been a success.  Like the red felted vest, it's the perfect layering piece for her. Light and thin but also warm. Which is important, of course.
Briton wanted a sweater that was essentially the same as last year's, which he wore and wore until it got slightly felted and he had a growth spurt and it no longer fit. I upped all the dimensions from my notes last year to size it up. I wish I'd only increased the length and not the width because it's a little wide, but he loves it as is (although he keeps wearing it inside out for some reason)

And now? Well before I start any more sweaters (because I have the fiber to spin for this one in addition to the Will request) or hats or fingerless gloves or anything else, I need some slippers. My Snugs have so many holes in the soles that they are pretty much unusable in this weather. So it's time for a new pair of slippers for mama. Anyone