January 1, 2013

stitching together

The burlap cross stitching has evolved into full blown embroidery here, at least for Evie, who received, much to her delight, a sewing box from Santa that is very much like mama's. He also gave us each a printed sampler to work on, both created by the talented Charlotte Lyons. Mine is the Barney Park Sampler and Evie is working on the Hearts and Flowers, which is sold out at the moment. And we've been hard at work. I'm not much of an embroiderer, in fact I've always thought it was a little boring. But after finished my teapot ornament (after Christmas, but still) I realized that I really, really enjoyed it. In fact, I think I may be addicted a little bit. I'm already trying to decide what project I'll work on next. Evie has already decided she wants to make the Birdie Banner for above her bed.

I checked out a book of stitches (among other fiber arts related things) from the library and Evie and I both have been perusing it, picking out what stitches we'll use for what parts of our samplers. Today she told me "Sewing is my favorite!" Which made my heart sing a little, I must confess. New hobbies, the perfect start to a New Year!