January 23, 2013

socks for him

After lots of worsted weight and bulk knitting leading up to Christmas, I'm on a sock yarn binge at the moment. My Beekeepers quilt is bumping along, thanks, in part to the lovely ladies of my knitting group, who keep bringing me teeny little balls of leftover sock yarn, just right for making a hexi-puff or two. I have gorgeous yarn from Wisdom Poems to make a pair of fingerless gloves from this pattern. I've lost my favorite pair and am missing the added layer of warmth under my gloves these days (-10 this morning! Yikes!). And I've been drooling over that pattern for a while. Not quite sure how it will go together, but we'll see.

And for Will, instead of a sweater, which is just, well, not in the cards at the moment, a pair of socks are on the way. This pattern, in fact. Although the faux cable didn't look right with the yarn, so I've substituted a real cable instead. The yarn is Malabrego Sock, so nice and smooshy and soft.

It's little knitting, which is nice. Knitting that doesn't take up my bag or my basket or my lap. Knitting that is easily hauled, which isn't really necessary right now, it's too cold to go much of anywhere. Much better to stay inside by the fire and knit and read and play cards. But it's nice, none the less.

Anything fun in your workbasket at the moment?