January 21, 2013


This year I made half of our traditional Christmas Eve pjs. The smaller half, to be precise. Will and I still unwrapped bought jams, but Evie's nightgown and Briton's pajama pants were mom (and in the case of Briton's, where Evie helped me, sister) made. The pants were such a snap I kind of wondered why I've been buying them all these years, and next year I'm hoping to make Will's as well. The girlie usually gets pajama pants and top but this year I thought she needed a real, honest to goodness flannel night gown (which are kind of hard to find if you want o buy on anyway). I actually cut out two versions of the pattern at the same time and after Christmas made up the second. This, though, is the first. It's a little roomy, which bodes well for it's longevity (I made it extra long too, so she can tuck her toes into it and so she can wear it for a while) but I did narrow it up a bit for the second. The pattern, if you're interested, is McCalls 4646, and was very simple. The second one took less than 30 minutes to put together. My favorite kind of pattern.

Last week, when Eliza made her roaring comeback from the closet, I realized that I had just enough left over from both fabrics to make matching nightgowns for her. Because why not. A little girl and her best doll should have matching nightgowns, right?

So far I only have the kitty one done. It would have been a quick job to do it on the machine and I probably could have done both in a few minutes, but hand sewing it was a nice, sit by the fire kind of task for the weekend. So that's what it was.

Today, of course, the kids are off school and still in jammies and the fire is hissing along, so I might just cut out and sew the second night gown. A doll can never have too many, after all. Just like a girl. I'm kinda thinking about some felt boots too. Because why not? Right?

I missed Eliza. It's so nice to have her out of the closet again. Although her hair is, yeah, wow, we need to do something about that.