January 29, 2013

painting and planning

It's snowy and soft this morning. My favorite kind of winter day. Not the oh-so-very-cold temperatures of last week, but still cold enough that the icicles aren't melting and the fresh snow from last night, which at the time was not so much fun to drive in but is now looking very pretty indeed, will stay nice and fluffy and soft all day long.

We had a quiet weekend following a minor bathtub related concussion on Friday night. Lots of couch time and movies for the patient, doctor's orders. And her brother was happy to keep her company. She's all better now, crossing her fingers that I will consent to some zip-line time when she gets home (I'm not sure about that, we'll see). But two days of kids on couches lazing the hours away gave Will and I time to make lots of decisions about the house that we've been dithering on. This planning craze I'm in, well, it's extended inside I'm afraid. And so there are more plans afoot. As long as it's too snowy for beehive building, it's just right for painting and tiling and painting some more. There are lots of things in our house that need replacing. They function, but only just (like our kitchen drawers which really need replacing before they start refusing to go back permanently. At the moment we can talk them into it with much cursing, some screw tightening and a little WD-40, but alas, that won't last I fear) Lots of places that, after years of renters, need paint. And of course, LOTS of flooring.

This weekend we wiled away the afternoons painting the kitchen, which is the darkest room in the house. Too much dark paint and dark wood on floors and cabinets AND counter tops. We're trying to find a better balance of wood and paint to lighten things up. It's still in limbo at the moment, but improving, with more to be done next weekend. We'll call it Phase One of a multi-phase, year long plan to overhaul it. After lots of contemplation, hours spent on Pinterest and many, many color strips brought home from the hardware store, the colors are not so very different than what we had in our old (much loved) kitchen. Darker in some cases. Warmer in others. A little more white and wood and color instead of white and metal and color. But still, similar. What can I say, I'm a sucker for dark grey-blue. The main thing is that we have a plan at last. And paint.

And one room's paint color inevitably leads to the other. So we have more paint strips sitting on the table, mixed in with the ever present playing cards and the cribbage board, which was dug out this weekend when movies became boring (imagine that!). And that paint color, still not quite chosen, has me thinking about what the room after that will be. And on it goes.