May 25, 2010

And Again with the Wreaths

Yellow, you guys are so right. Except then when I started thinking about it, I decided what I really needed was a yellow wreath in the office.

The office is coming along nicely. Hopefully tomorrow I can post a few photos of our progress. Today I hung the light with only one minor sparks flying snafu, quickly solved (the wire with ridges on it is white Gillian, not black!) so now we have something other than the standard issue ugly half globe that casts a weird muggy glow. I realized as I was standing on a chair, pliers between my teeth, that we have replaced all but three lights in the house (yay!) and that three are DIYers (which could be good or bad, depending on your feelings about homemade lighting- fun? or scary?) But on top of the light I also made a wreath for my side of the office. Out of hangers.

I saw something similar in a window at Anthropologie this winter, can't remember if they were wreaths or shapes or how the hangers were, but I loved the idea and so today I traded all the wooden hangers out for plastic ones in Will's closet (they didn't match anyway :)) and got Gorilla Gluing. I love that stuff. Seriously, it's like liquid duct tape. Ok, maybe not quite as handy as duct tape. But close.

The (eight) hangers are the light weight IKEA style so the wreath weighs very little, which is good because I think it's going to hang above my computer. And things falling on my precious Macbook would not be good. I first glued them in pairs then in fours before attaching the two halves together. I'm digging the Mid-Century look, or maybe it's a sunshine look. I've kind of got the bug now to make another out of old school tinker toys if I can find some.

One question though, weigh in if you have any thoughts, hooks or no hooks. I'm leaning towards no hooks but they are a pain to get out, I think they will actually have to be cut, so that has left me undecided. What do we think?