May 20, 2010

And when your back is turned...

I've been in a weird funk all day. Grumpy because the washing machine repair people told me that they have the criticle part but can't get to me for another week (which was made even worse when I saw them stop at the house across the street this afternoon), irritated because we haven't made a lot of progress on the office and none at all in the kids room, and all in all just plain tired, like I haven't slept properly for a week, which isn't true because I slept half the day away on Sunday.

Evie and I went for a little mini hike, shopped for a dress for her upcoming four year old photos, played with the chicks, and puttered around the house before I gave up and decided to take a nap on the couch despite the beautiful day outside (Evelyn kindly agreed to watch Curious George while I snoozed, which might explain what came later).

When I woke up, not really refreshed but ready to shake off my blues, I stopped for a second on the way out to the yard to check email while Evie "washed her hands."

And filled her boots up with water.

And poured it all over the floor.

"Just to see!"

No More Curious George I think.

I probably should have been mad, but when your child dresses herself like this, it's hard to do anything other than laugh and take her out to swing while the floors dry...