May 21, 2010

Suggestions Please!

Well as part of of my quest to get my house back in order despite the jumble of activity (otherwise known as the mess that is the office and the kids room) I've been cleaning out closets. I really hate cleaning closets because they hold a sort of "out of sight, out of mind" space in my life. Things that I don't want to see or don't want to deal with go into closets. As I've explained before, our house has no shortage of closets. The only thing is that they are practically useless for anything other than shoving things into. But I'm on a quest to organize them all. Even the one in the office that I've been shoving things into during this whole switch-a-roo ordeal. (Well maybe not that one. No! that one especially! But it's soooo messy, I don't wanna do it! But it's a quest! You have to!)

Anyway, while cleaning out the Pit of Despair in our bedroom I found this shelf that is one of the five things that Will brought with him when he packed up his truck and moved to Oregon. The others, by the way, were a nasty armchair (now deceased), a Miller Lite neon sign (oops, I broke it, darn) A Tombstone Poster (rats, the flood got it!) and a trunk which is pretty cool and is currently living in the mudroom. When the shelf arrived it was stained a dark brown color but since it has appeared in various settings in our houses and in various colors. It was red in Briton nursery, white in Evelyn's nursery, green in her big girl room and white again when I thought it would go in their shared room but instead ended up in the closet due to the lack of straight walls that also led to our closet issues.

So the question now is, what to do with it? I was kinda leaning toward some kind of ribbon holder but am undecided. It could go either in the mudroom, the office or the kids closet which is soon to be a playhouse. Any thoughts? I need ideas!