May 4, 2010

Well That Just Bites (Pun Intended)

Last night, after spending a glorious three hours out in the yard and on a walk with my kids (ok, the walk was all that glorious since one child threw a fit and the other one gloated over the fit and then we had to get home quickly before everyone in town heard the howling, but the yard part was lovely) I came in only to find that I have 15 mosquito bites. 15! I am NOT ready for the bogs to start. It is one of the only things I really hate about Virginia. There are a LOT of bugs. Bugs that fly in your eyes, bugs that keep you awake, bugs that cover your ankles in welts and worst of all mosquitoes that are out ALL DAY LONG. That is just wrong. Really.

The kids are outdoor nuts at the moment. Briton was out the door this morning 20 minutes before the bus came to shoot hoops and I can hardly drag Evelyn in for a potty break. Actually, if I'm totally honest, she just pees in the grass anyway so I can see why she wouldn't think it's important to come in for that. But mommy isn't going down that road so in we must come.

All day I've been itch itch itching. I know, don't scratch! But I can't help it (insert whine here). We've never sprayed for bugs, it just seems horrible in so many ways. But I am sorely tempted. And we're only at Mosquito Day 1, just imagine how irritated I'll be come August. Grrr. I have a homemade bug repellent from Angry Chicken that I want to try, although I'm a little doubtful that it can handle southern pests. But I'll give it a whirl. And then it will be time to bring on the DEET (OK, not really, well, probably not really...)