May 19, 2010

Waxed Paper Wreath

Will told me it was about time that I replaced my recycled container wreath (I don't think I've ever had him care about what wreath is on the door but OK, whatever...) so to work I went. I was inspired by a newspaper wreath I saw somewhere but needed something a little more water resistant. Ah, waxed paper. What is it they say about necessity? Necessity is the mother of go digging in your kitchen cabinets? Something like that. Anyway, I like how fluffy it looks. I think I'm becoming a little too attached to white wreaths on my red front door (but they look so pretty!) so next time I'll have to branch out with some color. Maybe...

Also, I'm a little bit in love with this new photo processing App my friend told me about. It's called Camera Bag and it's so darn fun. Here's what the wreath looks like without the crazy finishes :)