May 24, 2010


So as it turns out, the blue funk was not a blue funk. It was a coffee problem. How sad is that? Seriously, We had been out of coffee for three days when I was in the midst of my poor me bout. I know what you're thinking, how can you be out of coffee for three days. Let's just say that day one was my fault (forgot to check coffee levels before ordering groceries) day two was totally Will's (how can you go to the grocery store with only three things on your list and forget one of them!) and I'm not even sure what happened on day three. I think by then I was so blahed out that I decided I wasn't safe to drive. I probably should have listened to my own mugs advice. But whatever. Then, surprise! Will brought some home at lunch on Friday and presto, funk gone. Really, this is terrible.

The worst part is that I made it all the way through college, grad school and one child before I even started drinking coffee. In fact, my relationship with coffee is really just a leftover pregnancy craving from the eight months I spent cooking Miss Evelyn. (it was one of about four things I could stand the taste of. (The others were goats cheese, sushi and ramen noodles with toast.So, yeah, basically I ate ramen. It was a rough eight months)

I'd like to think I'm just making up for lost time. Almost 30 years of not realizing just how wonderful coffee is. But after the "my life is crap without coffee" thing, I think it just may be a problem. I guess there could be worse things though.

So anyway, the coffee is restocked (and in my mug at this very moment!) the desk is done once this mornings coat of paint dries (which will be forever, I hate oil paint, but it's worth it) and tomorrow I can start, hopefully) hanging art and bringing in all the do-dads that make an office an office. Which reminds me. I need tape. And a place to hide the tape from the children. A very high place.

I even modge podged a filing cabinet this weekend with some funky, battered, possibly optical allusiony paper. That I could get down on the floor to do the work is kind of a miracle because I can barely bend my knees after a killer game of Broomball with friends Saturday night. Really, that game is rough. My helmet sent someone to the ER for stitches (Sorry Bruce!)

Whohoo, obviously I should not let us run out of coffee ever again.