May 5, 2010

Grocery Overabundance

I can excuse getting to the grocery store and not knowing if you have this or that, buying it only to find that yes, you had plenty at home. I really can. Who hasn't done that many times? But my friends, there's no excuse for the fact that my refrigerator, my very small so I can't buy crap I don't need refrigerator currently holds 3 pounds of butter, three dozen eggs and enough pepperoni and mozzarella to make an army of pizzas.

I've waxed poetic about Retail Relay before. I use our local grocery delivery company so much that they actually came to my house to ask my opinion on how things were going. And they brought gifts. And they told me they could tell that I, unlike most of their customers, seem to do absolutely all of my shopping with them (many people buy staples from them or have occasional deliveries) which is kind of scary. But why oh why would you leave your house and schlep your children up to a grocery store when it can all come to you? Why?)The long and the short of it is that I do do all my grocery shopping with them. Save an occasional mad dash out for milk or bread or a stroll down to the nearest market for fresh french bread for dinner, I'm an online girl. Which is why I am shocked at my own behavior.

I'd like to say I had planned some big baking extravaganza and thus needed all that butter and eggs. Or that we were having a pizza party. But no, the truth is that I sat on the couch, 20 feet from the refrigerator, and ordered on automatic. Lazy sot. Actually I must really have been zoning out, I have absolutely no recollection of ordering a giant bag of large carrots (the kids only eat baby carrots, and yes, I know baby carrots are just big ones shaved down, but now I have to do the shaving) No do I remember why I felt the need to order only three bananas. That's not even one per person! We need at least five at a time in this house so that Evelyn can "accidentally" feed one to the dog and then try again. And I now have so much toilet paper I'm not sure where in my little house I'm going to put it all. But no paper towels to speak of. Let's just chalk it up to one big evening brain fart.

So now I have a whole lot of eggs and butter, and in an unrelated shopping event, two kinds of flour to deal with. Which, you know, is a little bit like telling a pirate you really need to get rid of a couple of gallons of rum. It's not really a case of what to bake, it's what not to bake. I've been trying to be good and not churn out cakes and cookies "for my family" which in the end really means "for me to eat while they are all at school or work." But hey, desperate times call for desperate measures. The fridge is full to bursting. I must bake.

I have this craving for Pavlovas but that doesn't really take care of the butter issue. Strawberries are officially in season (canning post ahead!) so pound cake might be fun. I'll probably spend the afternoon cruising around Smitten Kitchen and Chocolate and Zucchini to see what tempts me. Anyone have a fabulous dessert (well of course it has to be dessert! What else are butter and eggs for?) I should try? Send it my way! My Kitchen Aid is ready to go!

Oh, and in totally unrelated news...heaven help us all because I've agreed to be one of the co-presidents of the PTO. Hang on to your hats!

And in more unrelated news... if things go well, we should have chicks in the next day or two. We're trying to set up a webcam for the big event but since none of us knows how to set up a webcam, that may not happen in time. But we'll give it a shot. Peep peep!