December 7, 2010

Dear Santa

My kids wrote their Santa Letters this week. And right off the bat, the hilarious thing is the difference in their length. Briton's list has 27 items on it. They range from #2 Harry Potter Clue to #12 My own baby flying reindeer with a red nose/a baby flying reindeer that Rudolf had to #24 - No one in the Grimm family be a misfit (uh...are we misfits? Maybe...)
Evelyn has one. A doll. Which she drew with pink hair and pink eyebrows. But the list just says "doll".

So check on the pink hair and humm on the eyebrows. Can't decide if I should go back and re-do those.

I love that they write letters. I love LOVE that Briton still writes letters,and that he includes things like #12 to see you in person and #22 my family to be happy and united (spelled unidid, not a bad try) and together forever. The fact that at eight he still so strongly believes makes me want to cry and smile and hug him like crazy all at the same time.

He is at a terrifying age. Terrifying for me, at least. Yes I know there will be more terrifying times to come. Like when he learns to drive. But that moment when you stop believing, it is, in a small way, the end of childhood. Or at least the beginning of the end. There are times when I think the hardest part of parenthood is the fact that they grow up. And even though we want them to be healthy and strong and happy adults, it kind of sucks that they can't stay little forever. Am I right?

If I'm lucky, he'll be like me, too afraid that if he decided Santa is not real that the gifts will stop coming. I went on far longer than any of my friends. And he may, but I also can't help thinking that this may be the last Christmas where Santa is Santa for both of my kids, which makes my heart ache a little. I know that, being the fantastic brother that he is, (he loaded up his sister's toothbrush again today, so funny) he will work hard to keep it going for her. But it won't be his magic anymore.

How long did your kids believe? Did you try to keep it going or did you tell them when they asked?