December 13, 2010

One Thing

Well, progress has been made on the various knitting, sewing and crafting projects to give, but I can't say that I would call any of them done. Evelyn and I did make a start on food related gifts over the weekend while the boys were out basketballing on Saturday morning. Specifically we made a test batch of this chai concentrate (yum! My new morning favorite!) and tried out this cashew brittle recipe. Both were winners and both will have a place in our holiday baskets for friends.

Because we have lots of school activities this week AND a bathroom that is stripped down to the walls, needed to be put back together (Tiffany blue walls and all!) I'm going to set my goals small this week and just hope to finish a few little projects that need to go into my last to-be-mailed Christmas box. But next week...oh I have plans for next week. baking, baking and more baking! (Eek! And Christmas Cards...)
How about you? What are you up to this week?

One Thing
A Monday habit. Share the one thing that you want to do this week, just for you. Tell us what you are working on in the comments and link back to your blog so we can see all the fun things you do!

So, what will you be up to this week?