December 28, 2010

New Toys

I'm feeling very spoiled these days because I got two much desired toys for Christmas, one from my mom and one from Will's. One was that food processor that I've been complaining about (aren't you glad that I can't whinge about that anymore? And you bet I've used it already, Christmas afternoon, scalloped potatoes, so much better when you don't have to slice four pounds of russets by hand. Whoop! I'm in love.
The other was a Silhouette cutter. Up until now I've been sort of suspicious of all the craft cutters out there. The whole idea of having to have cartridges took me back to my student teaching days with the die cutting machine that never quite worked the way I needed it to. But this is a whole different kettle of fish. it's like a laser cutter, but without the laser. And it's so much fun. Seriously I'm having to restrain myself from just cutting things at random because I can. (Snowflakes for the window? Why sure! And I wont even get a hand cramp from holding the Xacto blade too long!) I even tried to talk will into cutting out the little emblem on his business card, just to see how it would work. And I'm itching to get some heat transfer paper so that I can make some fun t-shirts for the kids, and myself. And the dog. Ok, maybe not the dog. But you get the idea.

For now I'm trying to learn the program that came with it and playing with the different blades and images that came with it and thinking up some fun winter projects to keep the kids and I busy while it's 17 degrees and really freaking windy out there. Anyone have one of these? What's the coolest project you've done with them?