December 13, 2010

Oh The Bathroom

So, Bathroom update.... well, it's...going. Does that sound ambivalent? Ok, I'll be more specific. The ugly blue tile is off the walls. The ugly and stained black and white tile is off the floor. The horrible cabinet is out and has been revealed to be the source for the nasty wet public toilet smell. As it turns out, there was a heater vent under the cabinet and someone decided not only to build over it, but not to seal out the water that might seep under the cabinet over time. So: heat+moisture+ two small children. Yep, totally gross. But now it's gone and things are smelling much better in there.
I was wildly optimistic about how much we would get done last weekend. Too many late (but fun!) nights compiled with the fact that it took most of Sunday just to get enough of the floor tile we needed (which wasn't much, 20 sheets, but you wouldn't believe how much work that was) meant that all we had done going into tonight was the demo. But now the paint is on the wall and the floor tile is in, waiting for grout which I may attempt to do this afternoon. But probably not. Because I may have slightly over-committed myself this week with school events and I should probably get some of the three food donations that I promised for various functions in the next few days cooked and get ready for the two school events that are scheduled for today. So maybe the grout isn't looking like it's going to get done. Looking back, this might not have been the best week to rip out the bathroom. Oh well. If I say I might, I feel better. At least for now. The plan (ha ha ha) is to go pick up the bead-board after the school concert tonight and install it on Wednesday evening once the grout has set. Fingers crossed...