December 15, 2010

Soup and Scrabble

This week has been, to say the least, a little hectic. And it's only Wednesday. Which made this moment, this quiet evening meal, all the more welcome. Soup, mugs of tea and a game of Bannanagrams, which we called Scrabble because Briton knows that Will and I are currently obsessed with playing scrabble against each other on our phones. (S0 far, we are 1 and 1, but I'm ahead in game 3.)
I've always liked the idea of Taco Tuesday but somehow it has never worked for us. Partly because my kids are strange and don't seem to like tacos of any kind. (I know, who doesn't like tacos?). But the idea is appealing. Knowing that you are going to have the same thing that night and that it will be fun and no one will complain or not eat. We often do pizza movie night on Friday, but it's not an always kind of thing. But I'm thinking that Soup and Scrabble might be a keeper. At least while the cold weather lasts. Maybe in the summer we can do Salads and Scrabble or Barbecue and Bannanagrams.
Do you have any set meal nights in your house? I used to balk at the idea of having the same thing once a week, but now that we are all busy, and probably not getting any less so, it's appealing both for it;s ease and for the comfort in knowing its there. What do you do?