March 20, 2012

enter spring

You know, in some places the first day of spring would be met with a carpet of crocus springing up in the grass, or even just grass springing up in the grass. Right about now in Charlottesville, my old cherry tree has bust into flower, soft and pink and fluffy.
This morning, as I walked Evie to school on the first day of spring, I was met with a peeing fire hydrant.

Ok, I've been seeing this for a few weeks, and I really have no idea if it has anything to do with spring, and it's only this one fire hydrant. But almost every time I walk by it, water is either gushing, trickling or, really is there anything else I could call this, peeing, out the side. And up until now, every time I stop to take a picture, the water stops. No joke. I kinda suspect a hidden camera at work here. But today I snapped a picture as I walked (tricky, eh) and kept going. And so I'm going to pretend it's some kind of rite of spring. Flushing the fire hydrants in preparation for summer, when they might be called into use as a neighborhood sprinkler.

Happy spring, everyone. We are off to the Intrepid today, it's a two field trip week this week. I've started to compare the list of places to go to the number of weeks remaining so there may be more than one two field trip (or been three field trip) weeks in our end of the school year sprint.

Off we go. Enjoy the sun!