March 9, 2012

snippits of the week

Somehow this hasn't been a very photographic week. It wasn't a boring, do nothing week, exactly, just not especially photo-worthy. Or maybe I was too busy to take pictures. In any case, there are very few. Such is life sometimes.
Yesterday was so sunny and warm, it almost felt summer like. After a brutally cold Tuesday and a mild Wednesday, it was glorious to be outside with a short sleeved shirt on, standing in the sun.
On our way back from his Wednesday class each week, Briton and I pass the Jacques Torres Chocolatrie and we always stop to peer in and see what is happening. This week there were racks and racks of Easter bunnies, painted chocolate roosters and chocolate eggs waiting to be filled. It probably would have made me hungry had I not just stopped at Frites and Meats for some fries with horseradish aioli. Delicious.
Evelyn spent a good hour practicing different kinds of handwriting on Sunday. Bubble letters and dot letters and rainbow letters, oh my.
It took us more time to pump up tires and fix sagging chains than it did to actually take our bike ride, but we did squeeze one in. It all went smoothly until we were walking home and (carrying nothing but a loaf of bread and a scooter) I bit it, falling into one of the railings that keep people from tumbling down the basement steps on our street. I'm going to have to start wearing a helmet when I walk I swear.
Briton claims that, when we move, he wants his own room, but I have my doubts about that plan sticking. That would be Evelyn's bed, by the way. Meaning that in the middle of the night he crawled in with her, not the other way around.

Last night, as with almost every night, Briton came out of his room way past his bedtime to "ask one more thing Mom because I'll DIE if I can't ask you this please, please, please!" The question (in question) being "If a shark swallowed a diver's air tanks, would he blow up like a balloon or just fart a HUGE fart?"

Interesting mental image either way I think.