March 2, 2012

snippits of the week

The girls in Evelyn's class have discovered the joys of doing one anothers hair at recess, it seems. Every day this week Evie has come home with a different 'do than when she left. For example, when I sent her off she had braids but she came home with crazy piggies yesterday. So far they can only manage wonky pigtails and pony tails, but I'm sure some fancier looks are soon to come. I remember doing the same thing in about first grade. It must be genetic.

Also on the lines of genetic habits, we are doing lots and lots of reading. Reading in bed, reading on the couch, reading while we make breakfast, reading with mommy.
Yay! I mean, really, YAY! Now I'm wondering how long it will be until she can read Anne of Green Gables and Little Women. (Now that I look at it, that photo is kind of funny, I'm reading on a Nook, Evelyn is reading Dick and Jane. Opposite ends of the reading spectrum)
Book town continues in its construction. Briton informed me that he designed it with adult walking in mind, meaning that we should be able to walk through it with out knocking things down because he left a daddy-foot sized trail through the house. It's getting a week bit crowded in here even so.
Spring! Spring!
The little bodega down the street has had a bucket full of pussy willows out front for the past few days and I'm so tempted to buy some. We used to play with them when I was a kid, pretending they were magic seeds or pets or alien pods, our pockets full of them all spring.
I had great plans to ply these two yarns (light grey is un-dyed angora, dark is some corrindale that I dyed over the weekend) and spent a long evening winding them into balls and then winding them together into one ball so that I could easily twist them together. And then once I started plying I realized I didn't like them together at all. Which has led to more winding, but of the un-variety.
Almost back to where I started now. Ugg. They do look pretty though.
Our cat, who has spent the past nine months in seclusion under our bed, hating everyone but me, has turned a new leaf. I was on the verge of picking up some kitty Xanax for her when Briton and I brought a catnip plant for our biosphere that she tried to tackle out of our hands and drag under the bed skirt. Last week we bought a bag of dried catnip (she doesn't like catnip toys we've discovered) and now, twice a day, I rub a pinch of it all over her. It's like we have a new cat. I think this is the first photo I've taken of her since we started packing our house that doesn't' scream "I'm plotting to take you down". Will thinks we should try rubbing some on the dog. It could be the beginning of a whole new friendship. (They are both looking expectantly at me in this photo because of the Seaweed Snack on the couch. Yes, both of my pets, and both of my kids, are mad for Seaweed Snacks. It's weird, I know.)