March 16, 2012

snippits of the week

We've had what you might call a full we around here. Lots of doings and goings and playings and learning's.

Most of the day Saturday was taken up by a long and leisurely walk/heely/scooter ride across the Brooklyn Bridge. It's a beautiful walk, probably my favorite in the city. It's the polar opposite of a walk in the woods. Where that would have trees and soft earth under foot and quiet, the bridge is man made and hard and loud, so loud. But nonetheless, breathtaking.
On the other side we waited in a long line to try out the new and improved Grimaldi's Pizza. It was still delicious, but probably not delicious enough to justify the further wait while they cleaned out the ovens. By the time our pizza got to the table we were almost too hungry to eat at all. But we had fun waiting and ended up with a rare shot of Will and I together. Fuzzy, but in the same photo at the same time. I should probably hand off the camera, or camera phone, more often so I can be in more pictures.
I remember that in our first weeks here I was enchanted with how you can just happen upon things in this city. Head out for a simple walk and end up with a spectacular memory. Sunday was sunny and beautiful and begged for another walk, so to Riverside Park we went and found some kind of circus party happening at the Hudson Beach Rings. The kids tried out unicycles, hula hoops, shied away from the tightrope walking, gave the rings a run for their money and then fell in love with pogo sticks.
There was a lot of bouncing.
Humm, what's my next move here.
Scrabble. It's like spelling and math all rolled into one.
"I've got this" is Evelyn's new phrase. When I try to help her with her homework, or read part of a book to her, or carry her awesome report card cake home from the store.

"I've got this mom."

Sob sob.
Yesterday we took what has to have been the coolest field trip of the year, spending the afternoon with my friend Valerie at her microbiology lab at Manhattan College. Briton had a fantastic time learning about bacteria and cells and how to heat set them onto slides. Now, of course, he's begging for a microscope. And a lab coat. He really really wants a lab coat. He also got to meet a real paleontologist, which is basically nine year old boy heaven.

Tomorrow we are heading to The St. Patrick's Day Parade, have to do a little comparison to the one in Dublin. I'm sure the New York version will be bigger and much less...odd. And then Will and I are going to see Seminar with Alan Rickman. Squeeee!!

What a week!