March 30, 2012

snippits of the week

Nana is in town (which explains why I've been a little, ahem, MIA) so we've been having lots of fun cruising town, checking out the pigs feet.
It's been an excellent week for signs. This one being, I think, the best, blurry from a quick phone/subway shot but still the best. Ram Goat Flavor. Yum?
And also I need some of this. Just because.
Evelyn has decided that stepping on lines or cracks is off limits. At least when we walk home from school. Because it makes things more interesting.
Also, she has a new favorite song.
I wish I could spend days wandering the Lower East Side. Eating. We accidentally found an amazing market while we were looking for a Pizza place that was, as it turned out, the opposite direction from the one we were heading in. Good thing too or we would have missed out on a grilled ricotta and honey sandwich on sliced brioche. Heavenly.
Truffle popcorn!
Harry Potter is getting interesting. We're halfway through the sixth book and flying. I wonder if, when he gets to the end, he'll want to just start the series over again (like his mama).

Spotted this book, Yiddish with Dick and Jane at the tenement museum, this was my favorite page.

Have a great weekend!