March 27, 2012


First, thanks for the suggestions yesterday, and I'm glad to know I'm not the only one who gets the book lump! I'm well dug into the first Mrs. Tim book and I love it! It reminds me of Henrietta's War (and has an almost identical cover to it, I had to check twice that it wasn't the same author) and is just what I needed. D.E. Stevenson! Where have you been all my life!
In other news, we have some new friends visiting at our house. Five new caterpillar friends who arrived last Monday as teeny tiny little just hatched things and have been steadily growing ever since. I used to have a book of children's poetry (which must be in storage because I can't find it anywhere and I doubt I would have gotten rid of it) that had a poem where the caterpillar started out small and then ate and ate and became a fatterpiller, which is just what ours have done.
It was supposed to be Briton's new science project and he has dutifully collected new leaves and measured them daily like a good little scientist. Evelyn, however, is in love. She rushes in to see them when she gets home from school, writes them notes, colors pictures of them and spends a good amount of her afternoon cooing to them. They are pretty darn cute, I must admit.
I imagine the chrysalis building is about to begin, they seem to be practicing hanging from the roof of the butterfly cage quite a bit today, looking like little "J's" with wiggly arms. Fingers crossed they all make it to butterflyhood.